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Not an empty talk

Here we go. As I said before that its not another empty talk but I’ll make it as an empty talk though.


It’s life, It is. This is a life when people prefer to listen the rumors than find the truth. They keep talking the same rumor for weeks, months, even ages. I don’t know, I never meant to judge people who runs that kind of behavior. I, my self, talking about people sometimes, someplace, but I never got to remember that I keep the same talk, the same useless business of rumors for a week. Its just like “hello, don’t you have a creativity to make another kind of talk? Your mind is numb already?”


This is happened. Call me numb, call me stubborn, but I prefer to leave if you keep stand as a no use for the situation, for the moment, for people around, and for me. Call me an old fashioned girl, but my mind just cannot accept these things as a modern things.


Once I make a move to stay away, here we go again. Is it me the selfish one, or you the overreact people. Came up in my front door and said the things like “you’re changing. Its like a stranger. I can’t believe it. Why did you do this? Its not you”


Its not me?

We just met view months ago. You got me as a “Can not stop laughing” girl who has no boundary. Ok, that’s me, that’s who I am, that’s the big part, not the whole. You never saw me before, before I met you. And without any background of me now you said that I am changing. Don’t you feel awkward with your statement?


Apart from that, are you really things that kind of human who has no sphere of anger exist?

What’s wrong with your mind? Give your mind a try to think about that. We are human baby, human.


What else I can say, it’s life. Its heavy enough, its hard enough, at least for me. I run this life as an enjoyable which full of joyful things, it makes stand, still, safe and sound. If you meant to be, make it as a complicated things, just exclude me. I don’t want to get involve.  You just ruin the sphere with a no use thing.



Its Painful

Have you ever felt the feeling of pain?

Holding on someone who just make your heart beat the pain.

Wake up in the middle of the night just to cry because of the pain.

When you feel like your heart stop beating for a moment because his shadow just passed in your head.

Waiting for someone who knows you’re waiting for him, but have no answer about ‘how long’

I feel it.
I guess, those things, all about me.

The Stranger

So this is my next story.
Year ago i met some foreigner in Makassar while assisted my boss handled the 2nd International Seaweed Forum. He is a business man from Dubai, a head of some seaweed corporation. After 2nd ISF, we keep contacting each other by email and phone. He always said that he really wants to meet me again. He always asks me for the trip to Dubai and Spore but i cant do anything bout that.

So, before i go to KL i told him. At that time he was in Dubai and planed to reach Phil. But when he heard that I’m in KL, he choose to transit in KL than go straight to Phil.

So i met him last night in my hotel, have a little talk, a little walk. He asked me to have a dinner in his hotel, Hilton Hotel of KL, but unfortunately i need to continue my trip from Genting Highland to Spore. I feel sorry about the invitation.

I don’t know when will i meet him again. There will be an international symposium held in Bali for April and he asked me to join the forum. Well, let’s think about it later.

So this is my story, I’ll let you know my next trip story :’)

Selamat Hari Menulis Sedunia!

Hari ini merupakan hari menulis sedunia. So let me write down bout my experience in here, Kuala Lumpur.

Tiba pertama kali di KLIA, kita seolah dimanjakan dengan pemandangan air port yang luar biasa indah, modern, and green. There’s a jungle in the center of the air port.

Tatanan air portnya teratur, no people jam in baggage claim and there’s a map in every corner, so you won’t lose.

That’s about the air port. I’ll tell you more about the city structure and transportation handling in KL in my next post.


I have no idea what kind of girl I do act of? What type of bitch I do role on?


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